Menswear Trend: Plaid
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Sunday, 24 April 2011 18:21
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There is just something about men wearing plaid that gives off the sexy factor, and it should because plaid is back and hotter than ever. Studs across the world are finding new ways to wear it and is giving us the scoop on "6 Ways to Wear Plaid Successfully," so I had to manhunt for guys who help pull off these styles:

1. The Grungy Plaid Look

To pull off a grungy look without looking dirty: get a graphic t-shirt of your favorite band and wear it underneath your plaid shirt. Layer it with a zip-up hoodie and with fitted jeans.

2. The Rocker Plaid Look
I love a jacket with the subtle but big plaid pattern. Pair it with black jeans and and some chain necklaces, and voila. The mix of these elements make you look like a badass rocker, which is always a plus!


3. The Preppy Plaid Look
There are many different styles that can be considered preppy. Mostly it means that the look is well coordinated, neat and clean. Adding a cardigan underneath an unbuttoned plaid jacket can help complete the look. And, of course, the glasses..swoon.

4. The Urban Plaid Look

I love the urban look. It's clean, casual, yet preppy and it's about swagga. You must pull this look off with confidence -- almost to the point of obnoxious arrogance.  To successfully pull off an urban look, you should go for slightly baggier jeans, a white undershirt and an unbuttoned plaid shirt to top it off. It's all about the accessories and the bling for this style.

5. The Euro Plaid Look
I want the Fashion for Nerds readers to consider this look when trying to figure out your own style. I only say this because I think European men are just more comfortable in their skin and usually embrace the nerd look. A classic euro style includes trench coats and plaid pants, and of course abowtie. It's kind of nerdy, but it works.

Simon Spurr Fall 2011
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Wednesday, 16 February 2011 21:03
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Menswear designer Simon Spurr has really spurred this season's fashion week with his fall collection, leaving many in awe. The Simon Spurr show at Exit Art this past Sunday was filled with cloaked strangers: handsome hooded monks leaving the runway with a dangerous dark side. His Autumn/Winter 2011 collection includes a variety of shades ranging from grey, white, beige and charcoal. The British designer introduces a new conceptual idea by centering his clothing line on premium custom-made fabrics that will set a more serious darker tone.

Spurr's audience was impressed and gave very positive feedback; Twitter feeds are still updating marvelous reviews about the Sunday show. He is becoming one of the top five new emerging designers to the fashion world. With the exception of the denim, Simon Spurr is produced exclusively in Italy. Spurr's line is currently available at top retailers including Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Luisa Via Roma, MR Porter and Confederacy.

If Menswear Fashion Week Were a Musical...
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Wednesday, 02 February 2011 22:49
Menswear Predictions for 2011
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Friday, 07 January 2011 18:58
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Menswear is the new shining star in retail sales. According to Women's Wear Daily, it looks like menswear is making a comeback. Reports show that menswear was among the leading performers this past holiday season, which makes retailers hopeful that sales will only increase in the upcoming year. Does this really mean that men are becoming a lot more interested in fashion or is it simply an indication that most men's closet have reached their expiration date?

Meir Statman, author and business professor at Santa Clara University had other ideas which he shared with WWD. According to Statman this surge in masculine shopping could be due to the economy.  The competition is fiercer, and men are realizing that the best way to stay in the game lies in how they present themselves. Plus men are embracing the psychology that women have known for years: shopping is great therapy, an instant upper.

As interesting as this theory is, does it mean that the average man will start trading in his GAP sweater vests for an Antonio Assuolo trench coat? Not likely. What we can expect is for retailers to pay more attention to this otherwise neglected area. Now more than ever menswear has more creative options from designers. Tailors Ouigi Theodore, Rogue and Heutchy have already been named as the designers to watch for Project New York by WWD, and we can only hope for this upward trend in menswear to continue.

Menswear executives are looking into lesser known designers and brands for the younger and fashion-forward clientelle. Even better, reports are showing an increase in revenue from private label brands. It's looking like 2011 will be the year of innovation.


photographed by Syed Munawir